Wire Reinforced Endotracheal Tube Medical Grade Sliicone Rubber
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Wire Reinforced Endotracheal Tube Medical Grade Sliicone Rubber


 We are the leading manufacturer of 100% Silicone medical devices in Japan. 100% Silicone offers excellent properties as stated below:


1. Good compatibility with tissue.
100% Silicone medical devices can be in dwelled in the body for a long period of time with minimal reaction with tissue.


2. Excellent heat resistance.
100% Silicone rubber will not change its physical properties when exposed to temperatures up to 250 degrees centigrade continuously. Therefore 100% Silicone rubber medical devices can be autoclave, boiled or EtO gas sterilized without changing physical properties of the devices.
Medical devices made of natural rubber or latex will crack or get sticky if stored in hot and humid atmosphere; but 100% Silicone medical devices will not.


3. Non-thrombogenic properties.
100% Silicone rubber medical devices offer non-thrombogenic properties and therefore blood or other body fluids will not coagulate when in contact with the devices.


4. Non-adherent properties
Because of excellent non-adherent properties blood or body fluids sticking to the surface of the devices can be easily washed off.


5. Translucent
Because 100% Silicone medical devices are translucent rubber the flow of blood or body fluids can be easily observed.

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